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Simple to apply, non-stick, with none of those nasty carcinogens usually associated with generic sunscreen brands. Will definitely leave white looking residue that's hard to mask if you have a darker skin tone, from my experience. Definitely try if you that's what you're looking for!

Shake. Spray. Rub.

So simple to use. Most sunscreens feel sticky and makes my skin feel dirty. Not Butterbean! My skin is soft and no white residue. It's fairtrade and organic, so doing the right thing!

Butterbean SPF 30 Original Formula Sunscreen 7oz Organic Sun Cream
Jennifer E.
Great Product!

I love the sustainability and safety of this product. A little bit goes a long way!

Love it, but may leave a white cast on you if you are medium/deep toned

This sunscreen definitely feels like a moisturizer, which I know I will especially love in the upcoming fall/winter months. I am a fairly pale person and the white cast goes away on my skin tone. But, if you are of medium or deeper complexion, I think there would be a noticeable white cast. So, be mindful of that. I appreciate the ingredients, the application, and the fact that it is a refill. The size is also a great size for the price. I will definitely be repurchasing in the future.

Great Mineral Sunscreen!

Light weighted, easy to absorb sunscreen, with strong protection, I've been used it for one year.

Best natural sunscreen on the market

A couple years ago I bought every natural sunscreen on the market, including this one. I compared each one. (What can I say I'm a scientist). All natural zinc oxide based sunscreens give some whiteness to the skin, but I discovered that this one gives me the least whiteness as it goes on more smoothly and evenly. The others like badger for example, etc are more of a paste, whereas this one glides on by comparison. My friends and I went to the beach last year and they tried them all and they liked this one the best as well. I haven't got burned while using it either. I also like that it is in a metal container which is recyclable, whereas the others are in plastic tubes, which of course have plasticizers in them which might leach into the product and therefore your skin as well. Overall, after careful consideration of the options out there, this is my new go-to for the summer.

Very nice and easy to spread!

I like this sunscreen! It is a lotion and goes on very easy! I wish there were more in the bottle! I will buy more! I’ve tried many zinc oxide sunscreens and this is the best!

Butterbean SPF 30 Original Formula Sunscreen 7oz Organic Sun Cream
Yuri H.

I have been using this sunscreen for years for my kids and I love it but a couple of weeks ago we really put it to the test when our whole family headed to Florida for 10 days. My youngest twins have very fair complexion and they did amazing. I was a bit nervous since their skin has barely been exposed to lots of sun but I am so proud of this natural product. I definitely recommend it!!


The sunscreen stick is the best I have found! Nice consistency, easy to apply, sinks in and portable! Love the non plastic packaging too.

Good product

Used on a 2 week hiking and biking trip. Kept my lips moisturized and prevented sunburn in the 95-105 desert heat and sun of Utah at high altitudes.

Great products!

I have used several other natural bug spray and natural sunscreen products previously but have never been so pleased as I am with butterbean organics. The sunscreen absorbs very nicely without drying the skin or leaving you feeling greasy. Whenever by another bug spray or sunscreen ever again!

Butterbean is the BETTERbean.

Love our Butterbean sunscreen. Our whole family uses it. Glad we found a nontoxic sunscreen that is earth friendly.

Simply love it!

I love it from the smell to the consistence! Stays on the skin and doesnt irritate it.

Best product ever!

I have searched for a time for a creamy , effective, reef safe product...
I sure do wish they sold this is Mexico... would save many marine lives.
I love the product, so great without the "bad stuff" ingredients.
Thanks so much

Safest sunscreen

Butterbean Organics sunscreen protects your skin from harmful sun rays. It’s zinc oxide with out any of the additives that have a negative affect on your skin. You still tan without ever getting sunburn.

I love it.

No harsh chemicals. Works great. I love it.

Love this sunscreen!

Love this sunscreen! The best part about it is it doesn't stain your clothes after washing in the hard New York water!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

Safest product

Safest product rating from and reading all the research and reviews has convinced me to change how I protect my family. Great products.


Perfect for a baby and my skin! Non toxic item that truly works! Also best customer service ever!

simple formula

Easy to apply and feels good on my skin.

nice consistency

Love the cream one in a jar!

perfect balm

I have sensitive skin and love this balm. I'm on my second tin of it, which I've used on surgical scars, irritated skin, any skin that needs quieting down.

Love this sunscreen

We've been using this sunscreen for years and are very happy with it. It provides great protection and applies very smoothly. So much better than the chalky sunscreen of my childhood! I highly recommend it.

Great product especially for water sports

This product is great for several reasons. First, it is non-toxic. Second, it covers really well. You get a really good coverage of zinc on your skin. Third, it does not come off with sweat or water. However, that is also a downside because it does not wash off well with water or even soap and water. You need to mechanically remove the product from your skin with a rough towel or even paper towel. Nevertheless, while I don't use this for water sports, I love that it does not get removed by sweat. So it stays in place for the hours of my workout. Thanks Butterbean, I love the product although you may want to consider making a second product that is easier to remove for more casual use than water sports or long periods of exercise.