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Butterbean is the BETTERbean.

Love our Butterbean sunscreen. Our whole family uses it. Glad we found a nontoxic sunscreen that is earth friendly.

Simply love it!

I love it from the smell to the consistence! Stays on the skin and doesnt irritate it.

Adventure Bundle
Dr Michele
Best product ever!

I have searched for a time for a creamy , effective, reef safe product...
I sure do wish they sold this is Mexico... would save many marine lives.
I love the product, so great without the "bad stuff" ingredients.
Thanks so much

Skin Protection Pack
Patricia Michell
Safest sunscreen

Butterbean Organics sunscreen protects your skin from harmful sun rays. It’s zinc oxide with out any of the additives that have a negative affect on your skin. You still tan without ever getting sunburn.

I love it.

No harsh chemicals. Works great. I love it.

Love this sunscreen!

Love this sunscreen! The best part about it is it doesn't stain your clothes after washing in the hard New York water!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

Safest product

Safest product rating from and reading all the research and reviews has convinced me to change how I protect my family. Great products.


Perfect for a baby and my skin! Non toxic item that truly works! Also best customer service ever!

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John Rodgers
simple formula

Easy to apply and feels good on my skin.

nice consistency

Love the cream one in a jar!

perfect balm

I have sensitive skin and love this balm. I'm on my second tin of it, which I've used on surgical scars, irritated skin, any skin that needs quieting down.

Love this sunscreen

We've been using this sunscreen for years and are very happy with it. It provides great protection and applies very smoothly. So much better than the chalky sunscreen of my childhood! I highly recommend it.

Great product especially for water sports

This product is great for several reasons. First, it is non-toxic. Second, it covers really well. You get a really good coverage of zinc on your skin. Third, it does not come off with sweat or water. However, that is also a downside because it does not wash off well with water or even soap and water. You need to mechanically remove the product from your skin with a rough towel or even paper towel. Nevertheless, while I don't use this for water sports, I love that it does not get removed by sweat. So it stays in place for the hours of my workout. Thanks Butterbean, I love the product although you may want to consider making a second product that is easier to remove for more casual use than water sports or long periods of exercise.

Absolutely the best

I live at the beach. Was tired of using chemicals. We bought this and this will be the ONLY sunscreen I will ever use. It stays on, hydrates your skin and we let friends who were a little burned use it and it soothed their skin like aloe. Honestly it is the best you can buy

Excellent balm

I use Butterbean Organic Healing Balm on scars from a recent surgery and to soothe itchy irritations. With sensitive skin, I have to be careful about products. I love this one.

Amazing product!!!!!!

I love that Butterbean is both extremely safe and highly effective!!! I haven’t met a Butterbean Organics product that didn’t earn a 5 star review!!!!

The best for my sensitive skin!

I have been using this sunscreen for years and not only does it offer great protection from the Georgia sun, it is environmentally friendly and does not irritate my super sensitive skin. Most other sunscreens give me a rash or make me break out but this one soothes my skin and has never triggered a bad reaction. It does leave a white cast because of the zinc oxide, so probably best for lighter skin tones.

This sunscreen is amazing!

I love Butterbean Organics! Their sports stick is hands down the best. I have very fair and dry skin, I also have mild rosacea and my skin is very sensitive. This is the only sunscreen I have found that doesn't dry my face out, is moisturizing, and doesn't irritate my skin. I love how the shea butter makes the sunscreen melt into my skin and doesn't leave a white residue. And the fact that it's zero waste and good for the environment is what made me purchase it and give it a try. If you are looking for a safe and effective sunscreen, this is it!

An effective and safe product

I am a functional medicine physician and am always searching for great, safe, and affordable products. This is it! Sunscreen typically has endocrine disrupters and substances that mimic estrogen. I feel safe using this butter bean sunscreen and know my children are safe as well

The best sunscreen I have ever used

This is truly the best sun care we have everused. My daughter is a surfer and she uses the sun stick on a daily basis when in the water. She has not burned since. It is a clean product and ocean safe - no chemicals dangerous for the sea creatures or plants.

Great product

Great product! I love that it's organic and IT WORKS! Highly reccomended!

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Simple and Effective!

Easy to just shake and spray! No sunburns on my four kiddos since we started using Butterbean! And it makes for one happy Momma since I know that I am choosing a product that is safe for my little ones! Also, I am highly sensitive to gluten and I love knowing that I can have this sunscreen on and eat without cross-contamilating myself as we enjoy our lunch in the sun :)

Great Product

Finally found a sunscreen that works, doesn't have nasty ingredients and goes on well. This sunscreen protects well and is easy to use. Thanks, Butterbean!

Founder's Bundle
Eva Hnilicova
My favorite sun products!

I know butterbean organics from Europe (very popular in Czech Republic) and even there, it was my favorite sun care. Now in US it is my first and only sunscreen. It's all natural, great texture and packaging. And super suitable for my very sensitive skin. Really recommend to everybody.


I am so happy I found butterbean sunscreen years is the absolute BEST sunscreen out there! Buy it. You won’t regret it.