About Us

Hello! My name is Summer and I am the founder of Butterbean, a mama-owned business located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. I started making sunscreen for my 5 children when I learned about the harmful chemicals contained in many of the sunscreens available today. The overwhelming reception from so many of you prompted me to expand our product line and include some of my favorite skin care recipes. 

As parents, we are our children’s advocates. Helping them to be the best they can starts with what goes into and in this case on their bodies. Since the skin is the largest organ, I wanted a product that would be safe for my 10 year old down to my baby. The ingredients I have chosen are grown and processed with respect for people and the planet. The coconut oil is of such high quality that it can be (and is) eaten raw. The Shea butter is certified organic and fair trade. I use non-nano zinc oxide that has been tested to be a safe particle size. The Neem oil used in our Bug-a-boo is organic and cold pressed, and our essential oils are steam distilled and chemical free! I believe in supporting my community so I get my beeswax from a local apiary.

Butterbean is dedicated to providing chemical-free and effective products in a way that compliment both the people that use them and the environment that they are used in. It is up to us to distill our interdependence on nature into the everyday choices we make. I hope you will enjoy using our skin care products on those you love knowing that as you care for them, you care for the earth as well.